Fake Liverpool shirts

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Hi there, like other people on ebay im also getting sick of people selling fake Liverpool shirts, most of these are even UK sellers, just check the liverpool website and even they have not put the new top on yet as its still not been 100% finalised.


Before buying these tops just have a look at some others on there who claim they are 100% genuine, load of rubbish, you only have to look at 2 or 3 and there all different, i have even sent people e-mails who are bidding on them to advise no to, soon as they came on they was selling for £50 upwards, now they have dropped to anywhere from £18 - £45, £18 for a new top!! its a fake?


I have even noticed that there have been some on there that have been 3 different designs in the red and 2 in the yellow, and these have been within 2 or 3 hours of ending.


Do yourself a favour wait and see the end product which is been released in August, dont look a right idiot walking round with a Liverpool shirt on thjats not even been released yet, if you want it early oreder it from Liverpool club shop as they usually arrive a day or to before release date any way, i once had a gerrard shirt arrive 4 days early but unfortunetly they sent wrong size so had to send it back.


Go to a good website and check there... red and white kop, google search.

"see fat man rooney on there"


Dont waste your money on cheap fake tops of dodgy sellers conning money out of people.


hope this helps.

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