Fake Louis Vuitton Bags Being Sold as Second Hand

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Beware.  Some rogue, cavalier Louis Vuitton sellers have taken to selling counterfeit handbags by passing them off as second hand -- thereby justifying the low price they sell it for and make it seem less suspicious.  I would be wary most especially if the item appears to be and is claimed as being in excellent condition.  Cliche', I know -- but if it appears too good to be true, it probably is!

I fell victim to this recently, in my desire to purchase and own a Louis Vuitton vernis.  I bid for, won, and paid for a Louis Vuitton Thompson Street bag in baby blue.  The bag appeared authentic.  The only red flag then was that the bag seemed to be in such good nick, and the colour was still very vibrant (LV fans will know that the Vernis model naturally fades with time).  However, the seller put this down to the bag being used only once or twice and then was in storage.  I then happened to ask -- When was this bag purchased?  I was gutted when the seller answered and said that the bag was purchased two years ago.  The Thompson Street bag in baby blue was discontinued circa 2000-2001. 

I believe that Ebay has been quite pro-active (especially in recent times) about protecting copyright.  However, if you have unknowingly bought a counterfeit item and realise this later on, the onus is on the buyer to actually prove that the item is not authentic, at the buyer's expense.  I think that this is ridiculous.  To deter rogue sellers I think that sellers should have their items authenticated.

Don't fall in the same trap I did!

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