Fake MP3/mp4 on Ebay,Paypal 45 days and Ebay 60 days...

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Fake MP3/mp4 on Ebay,Paypal 45 days and Ebay 60 days...of claim  otherwise your money is at stake.

I recently bought some 8gb mp3 players on ebay, I bought 34 to resell, I recieved only 13 mp3, out of the 13 only 2 is still alive , others are either cracked to 8gb , when you are charging them, they just give up.  In reality , I believe they are all 2 gb  but were cracked to 8gb, I did not recieve all other items.

I waited for more than a month to recieve the remaining items as the seller says they are on thier way, Still I did not recieve anything, I reported to paypal, but paypal said they can not process my refund as it is now 49 days since I paid for the item, paypal said any ransaction over 45days can no longer recieve a claim. Each of these mp3 players cost me between 24pounds - 30 pounds.

I contacted ebay for this matter, I was able to report the transactions as ebay time limit is within 60 days, but still I have no refund from the seller, Ebay only suspended his account, as no longer a registered member, The seller had changed his name so you must beware  of all this seller trying to make new impression by changing thier name.

I am still waiting for what ebay can do , but it seems the only thing ebay will do it just to suspend him without me getting my money back. Paypal 45 days is not good enough, it should be at least 60 days or they should be able to investigate such issue and issue a refund if found to be genuine. The seller sent me a message that now that I have reported the items and left his account inactive, he will  make a new start and I will not recieve my money.

Things like this are sad, I am not only at the risk of losing my money, my trust in my buyers is at stake as all of those who bought the 13 mp3's that I recieved had returned it all. I had made a refund to them all. Over 1000pounds at stake now.

Whenever you buy anything and you have not recieved it within a month please report it asap in order that you may not lose your claim especially if you have paid by paypal. And watch out for this fake MP4/MP3 players,there are still many selling on ebay right now. I will included pictures of some of them soon.

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