Fake Nike Air Rifts How to Spot

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Guide to spotting Fake Nike Air Rifts

It is getting increasingly difficult to spot fake Nike Air Rifts, as ebay tightens up their policies on fakes so do the sellers.  Straight to the point below are things to check before buying on ebay:-

1. Check listing states they are real, if key words like Genuine, Authentic are not on their listing its a good chance the seller has left this off for good reason.  Email the seller ask them are these rifts real or not.  Most cases you will not receive an answer, which is your answer!

2. First and foremost, check their feedback, more likely than not someone else has had the unfortunate experience of buying some cheap nasty copies and left negative feedback.  Use goofbay.co.uk/tools which is a free site in helping you filter negative feedback so you do not have to scroll through hundreds of pages to get to negative.

3. Material, although without buying to see product it is hard to distinguish whether or not the material is of a cheap quality and the photos are either too small or no up close shots, even fake photos are used from genuine sellers to help push fakes.  However, if you have bought and have received item things to look for are.
  • Cheap shiny leather
  • Cheap nylon material
  • Straps are either too thick or too thin and the elastic is very poor.
  • The strap over the bridge of the foot at the end there will be a cheap piece of material or shiny leather.
  • Insoles are not fixed to the shoe and will pull out on first wear.
  • Fakes do not tend to keep shape as they are made with cheap material.
  • Uneven width and length.
  • Size and shape of nike tick, sometimes round wrong way.
4. Sizes, Mens come in even sizes 6,7,8,9....and so on where womens come in half sizes 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5...and so on.  If you see a womens colourway and advertised as a womens pair in an even size you know these are fake.

5. Colourway, often you will see colours that have never been produced so this alone will tell you that they are fake or not.  Also with rifts the colourway will have a funny word for the colour for example "Black and Treeline" not "Black and Green" so if you see the later email the seller and ask for the colour that is listed on the box.

6. Box, A fake box is generally dimmer in colour and has a rough dry feel to it, where as a real box is brighter in colour and has a smoother feel.  Also,  on a fake box the label is usually wonky or doesn't even have a rift label on it been know to say Nike Air plus!

  FAKE Picture of the shiny leather that you sometimes    REAL Notice the better material used although
              find in fake rifts.                                                            still hard to tell from a photo alone.

  FAKE Picture of the cheap nylon and poor strap and       REAL Notice how the strap looks stiff and the
              material on end of strap.                                                 rift keeps its shape unlike fakes

   FAKE Another example of a very poor quality fake,        REAL like pair to left but look at the
               look at the cheap quality material.                                      difference in material, strap and shape            

Hopefully this helps you distinguish between real and fake, keep posted as new information will be added to try and keep one step ahead of the fake sellers.  If you have experienced any other ways to spot fake Rifts or any other trainers please email me so I can update my list and to help others from being scammed.


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