Fake Nokia 8800 Sirocco gold

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I wrote a brief guide previously detailing a purchase of a fake Nokia 8800 Sirocco. I must stress that on eBay I have recently seen many listings in which the seller is trying to convince bidders that their gold Sirocco is genuine by typing in *#0000# to give a reading of Nokia 8800 Sirocco 3.51 RM-165. This does not necessarily mean the phone is genuine. Furthermore, it is desirable to have a software version of 3.93 or above because of the many problems when the Sirocco phones first came out. I believe there is now a 4.10 version.

A number of authorities state that one can not buy a gold Sirocco that is genuine for £300-400. I think this is very correct. The phone retailed on the Nokia website at £849. I have just visited eBay Express, which is a dedicated store section of eBay and have found that one store is selling Nokia 8800 Sirocco gold phones for £999. This is a somewhat understandable increase in price owing to the high demand. Additionally, this includes the full 24 month warranty. If you really want to get a gold Sirocco, then this is a reliable retailer. Yes, it is a lot of money, but you will have the genuine article. However, one needs to appreciate that there is absolutely no difference in functionality of the Sirocco phones black, silver and gold. I own a black Sirocco and was looking for a gold one as a spare because I use my phone considerably on a day-to-day basis, e.g. organiser and music. Eventually, I bought a Nokia 8600 luna. This is a very nice phone with more features that the Sirocco. Significantly, the luna can use a USB cable to transfer data rather than just having to rely upon bluetooth, as with the Sirocco. Importantly, I know of no fake 8600 luna phones circulating.

As soon as a mobile phone enters the jewellery role, it opens up the market for fakes just as for watches.

One very last point relating to quality of manufacture. Both my Nokia 8800 Sirocco and 8600 luna are made in Germany. Both these phones are crafted with engineering precision. The Germans are unparalleled in such quality. I am just curious where all the genuine 8800 Sirocco gold phones are made. Are they really all made in Finland, or is this the people trying to sell fakes using this country of manufacture because of the origin of Nokia?

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