Fake Nokia N95

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Fake Nokia N95

I have noticed that there appears to be some Nokia N95's on ebay that the sellers are claiming to have a touch screen, dual sim card slots or single slide.

Nokia have never produced such a phone and therefore it is a fake. You can check Nokia's web site.

Sometimes thay have been branded as NOLKA

If you have purchased one of these and have paid with paypal, then i would report it to them with a view of getting your money back.

Failing that, if you have used a credit card, then contact them as they share liability.

There are two options: Under section 75 (don't worry if you don't know what that means, they will) They are equally liable as the seller if the item sold for over £100.

There is also a chargeback, wherby you need to inform your card issuer that you have recieved a fake item and you would like to carry out a chargeback. They will then guide you through the process.

Hope this helps.

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