Fake North Face jackets on eBay.

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By now most people who are interested in buying outdoor clothing on eBay will be aware that there is a lot of fake North Face clothing around. Most of this is easy to spot, the old adage 'If it looks too good to be true, it probably is' being particularly pertinent in this case. There are a few things you can do to guard against being ripped off;

- look at the other items the seller is stocking. If they are also selling jackets favoured by football hooligans, high fashion jackets etc, they are obviously not specialists in outdoor clothes or likely to be particularly knowledgeable about them. Also, check the photos of the other 'designer' items the seller has on offer. If they are also black, made of similar looking material etc; be wary.

- ask the seller a question. Ask for details regarding the jacket, eg 'Is the item a factory second?', 'What material is the jacket made from?', 'What range is the jacket from?', 'Why is it so cheap?', or even, 'Is it genuine?'. If the jackets are fake, chances are you won't receive a reply. Anyone interested in outdoor pursuits with a genuine interest in the kit they sell will be only too pleased to help you out.

- don't be fooled by BNWT. If reasonably convincing fakes of the jacket and associated logos can be made, producing tags is hardly going to pose much of a problem.

- be realistic. If a retailer, discount or not, really has by some miracle managed to land a load of North Face jackets, BNWT, are they likely to put them on eBay with starting prices around the £20.00 mark and then be pleased with themselves if they manage to flog them for about £30.00? Unlikely. Or,be prepared to see them at the Jobcentre soon. Or, the tat they are selling is only worth about £2.50 and is likely to fall apart and leak like a sieve.

If you are not particularly bothered about the waterproof qualities of your jacket, don't mind getting wet and are only going to use it for going down the pub / hanging around town / going down the football, then you may be happy with a fake. But then, why not buy a fake Stone Island? You'd look harder...............

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