Fake Pokemon Games, Chaos Black, Diamond, Jade

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Please don't waste your money on buying Pokemon Chaos Black. It's not a proper Pokemon game, it's just some dodgy hack that's gotten popular. If you did have the unfortunate experience of buying it, you'll notice that you can only get so far in the game...

Just look on the internet, do a google search, it says everywhere that this is a FAKE GAME. It was never ever released or endorsed by Nintendo.

Please take the time to look at this forum:


which is one of many that detail that the game is fake. It makes some good points about the game not being available in shops and it's not listed on the Nintendo website. Please take note of that!!

This goes for other Pokemon games too, the sure fire way to tell if your pokemon game in genuine or not is by the colour of the cartridge (the actual plastic, not the sticker). If you have a genuine Pokemon game your cartridge will be coloured corresponding to which game you have (i.e. red for Fire Red, green for Emerald etc). If your Pokemon game cartridge is black, I'm afraid it's a fake.

Additionally, fake Gameboy Advance games generally come with a flat pack box, and NO instructions. So watch out for this too...

Please don't get conned by these fake games!

Addition: 07/03/07

I've just seen a Pokemon Crystal/Diamond/Jade cartridge selling for £21! Shocking considering it's a fake.
Here is a list of official Pokemon games, what colour their cartridges are and what system they are for.

Red - Game Boy - Red Cartridge
Blue - Game Boy - Blue Cartridge
Yellow - Game Boy - Yellow Cartridge
Gold - Game Boy Colour - Gold Sparkly Cartridge
Silver - Game Boy Colour - Silver Sparkly Cartridge
Crystal - Game Boy Colour - Clear Blue Sparkly Cartridge
Sapphire - Game Boy Advance - Clear Blue Cartridge
Ruby - Game Boy Advance - Clear Red Cartridge
Emerald - Game Boy Advance - Clear Green Cartridge
Leaf Green - Game Boy Advance - Green Cartridge
Fire Red - Game Boy Advance - Red Cartridge

Please note that any other version of Pokemon are fake, these include ones such as Diamond/Jade/Pearl/Naranja etc.
Why do you think you don't see them in the shops????

Also cartridges which contain 2 or more pokemon games, i.e. gold and silver are also not legitimate.

One thing to note, later on this year Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be released, however these are for the Nintendo DS, not the game boy. Don't get confused in thinking the ones around now are legitimate!

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