Fake Puma Trainers

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At the moment there would appear to be a raft of Fake Puma Trainers, especially from unscrupulous sellers on e-bay. In particular the most common style appears to be the "Replicat " Futurecat" or "Speedcat". You would expect to pay around £60-90 for these shoes(dependant on style"from a reputable seller/shop.However they are appearing on e-bay for a fraction of these prices. I suppose the most "Copied" Puma shoe would have to be the Ferrari Futurecat. These shoes are available in Red,Yellow,and Black. Beware of any Colour such as Gold,Silver,or Blue. There are some pretty clever copies available,however they are often of an inferior construction,and have a few flaws.All Legitimate Puma Ferarri Futurecats,have an "Official F1 Licenced Product" label sewn inside the tongue,as well as a Puma Cat,moulded at the top of the heel,also there should be a Puma Cat just about within the centre of the sole.The Fake Pumas are often minus the Puma Cat at the recess at the top of the heel,do not have the "Official F1 Licensed  Product" inside the Tongue,and the Puma Cat on the sole,is often mis-alligned and does not seamlessly join the sole. Try to avoid sellers from China, as this is where most of the fakes are manufactured,check the Puma.com website to confirm design/colour etc. 


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