Fake Richard Felix Autographs on DVDs

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Faked Richard Felix Autographs

I feel that it is important to bring to your attention, the fact that there are a number of people on eBay selling DVDs featuring Most Haunted's Richard Felix and are claiming that they are signed by "the man himself" when this is very clearly not the case.

I very recently purchased "Chester Ghosts" from the eBay member "ghostdvdfilms" and was told in the auction that the DVD had been signed personally by Richard Felix.  It would, therefore, be a genuine autograph... yes?  No.  I have since met Richard Felix and he autographed a copy of another DVD when he was right in front of me.  This signature didn't look remotely like the signature on the DVD that was sold to me by "ghostdvdfilms" and when I showed my "Chester Ghosts" DVD to Mr Felix, he was clearly very annoyed to see that I'd been conned into paying for something that was not legitimate.  It has since transpired that the "Chester Ghosts" footage was shot some time ago and Richard Felix didn't even know that it had been released, let alone sign a finished copy.  When I was shown a bundle of brand new DVDs containing LEGIT signatures by Richard, it was obvious that the person who had been signing the DVDs from "ghostdvdfilms" hadn't paid much attention when they were forging the signatures.

This brings me to my next point... they are not even real DVDs.  ANY of the DVDs being sold by "ghostdvdfilms" are DVD-R discs with laser printer covers and dodgy inkjet prints on the discs themselves.  The menus are terrible and the whole package is just a waste of money.  Yes, many people seem to be happy with this but I for one would not pay such a high price for a DVD-R copy in such poor presentation.

Please beware of any DVDs that are sold by "ghostdvdfilms", especially ones which are allegedly "signed by the man himself".

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