Fake River Island on eBay

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Yes seriously.........

When looking at D&G, Dior, Anna Sui, Tiffany etc we are normally on our guard for something which seems to good to be true.

But normally we wouldn't give a second thought to High Street brands - but unfortunately there a number on eBay which are now been copied

I didn't believe this was the case, until I got my fingers badly burnt with the start up of this business.  I used to sell just used high quality second hand clothing, and then one day three of my listings were ended, for being unauthentic River Island,

I was mortified and of course rang River Island to sort it out, and offered to send the items to be destroyed.  River Island have a whole department dedicated to stopping the sale of counterfeit items

You might think, why bother, does it matter, well yes it does, as those selling counterfeit clothes and those buying it are inadvertently quite probably supporting sweatshop child labour at one end and possibly terrorism at the other......

It is very very difficult to spot a high street fake from the photo alone, always be wary of sellers who will not send you close up pictures of the internal labels, If the label looks like it has come off another garment and stitched in - it probably has, there has been instances of other cheaper brands, having their labels removed and the top end High Street stitched in

If you have any doubts, don't buy, or ask someone in the know to check for you, the Vero Team at RI are pretty hot on this

If you receive an item and suspect it to be fake, contact the seller first.  Let them know, they are human and make mistakes.  See if you can return it, and if you have no joy contact the Vero Owner asap.

Happy safe shopping
Suz xx

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