Fake Scotty Cameron Putters

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I am amazed at how many cheap copies of the Studio Select line (among others) are coming onto eBay for sale recently - I wouldn't care if the sellers said they were copies but they are brazenly listing them as 'genuine'.

I don't know if other people report such items but it doesn't seem to do much good as they keep re-appearing! Is it possible to name and shame these sellers or is that against the rules?

Anyway, some of them are quite good whilst others are shockingly poor but innocent buyers are definitely getting caught out by these dodgy goods.

There are a number of things to look out for in the photos of the item :-

  • Scotty Cameron putters do not come with the head wrapped in plastic or cellophane
  • The finish on some of the copies is duller and less metallic looking
  • The distance between the red dots on both the face and rear cavity is sometimes wrong - check against the pics on the Scotty Cameron website for clarification
  • The shaft label showing the loft and lie etc (Studio Style, Circa '62 & Studio Select lines) is never fitted on top of the shaft - only underneath
  • The cord on the red grip is very obvious on the fakes (it's too thick/there's too much of it) - if you've seen a genuine one you will know what I mean and be able to spot this
  • The headcover on the fakes is often very poor - the material is too shiny, the lettering is off & the shape of the neck is also wrong - once again please check against similar genuine items and you will easily see the difference
  • I've seen some fake Studio Select Newports with a sight line - whereas a genuine Newport in this line should be naked (no sight line - unless it has specifically been added by the Custom Shop) - if the bumpers are rounded there should not be a sight line (please note all the other models do have a sight line though)
  • Even the colour of the paintfill in the dots and lettering is wrong but unless the photos are of a good quality this can be hard to tell

I hope this guide is of some use and I will stop my ranting now - good luck!


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