Fake Sennheiser CX300 Earphones on ebay -How to spot

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Fake sennheiser cx300 earphones on eBay

First off, let me tell you that it is possible to grab a decent, genuine pair of sennheiser CX300’s on eBay; it is just a case of looking through the many auctions and finding one which has the hallmarks of being a genuine pair, and weeding out the many fakes along the way. I have included images to help show the differences between a real and fake pair at the bottom of this review

Sennheiser CX300s retail in the apple UK store for around £40 at the moment, although many outlets sell them for much cheaper than this. Some sold on eBay are real but a large proportion of these are fakes.

Some tell tale signs that fake Sennheisers exhibit:

1.       The headphones come packaged in a plastic bag with a sticker on the front – Sennheiser do NOT sell their earphones in OEM or non retail packaging, if they are not in retail packaging but sealed in a plastic bag they are FAKE.

2.       The Jack is straight and Gold plated. – Genuine Sennheisers use an “L” shape jack which is silver plated, a gold plated or straight jack is a clear indication of a FAKE.

3.       The length of the cable from joining point of the two earphone cables and the right earphone is NOT 50 cm long. – Genuine Sennheisers have a distance of 0.5m from the right earphone to the point where both cables join. If it is more or less then it may be fake (a fake pair my friend bought was 55cm)

Beware of sellers from China and Hong Kong, as headphones from these countries are more likely to be fake.

Check the seller’s feedback and ask them questions before bidding.

Confirm that the headphones are in retail packaging, if the seller tells you they are in OEM packaging or not in retail packaging, then they are most likely fake.



I have managed to get this official response from Sennheiser:

Hello -

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Sennheiser. The "CX300" on eBay from China are not authentic Sennheiser's, though they may have been labeled as such.

Further, our official statement on OEM goods regarding the CX300 and other similar looking items is stated below:

"The CX 300 ear canal headphones are manufactured by a Sennheiser production partner in Asia. Since Sennheiser does not own the exclusive design rights for this product, it is up to this or other OEM manufacturer(s) to sell the same or similar products to other companies (like Creative, for example). However, only the CX 300 is compliant with the Sennheiser quality standards, as only this product is continously checked by Sennheiser employees on site.

Since we neither know where and under what conditions other companies like Creative manufacture or source their products, nor do we know what inner construction and materials they use, please understand that it is not up to Sennheiser to judge or compare competitor´s products. Nevertheless, regardless of the visual similarities, "Audio", one of Germany´s major audio magazines, rated the CX 300 (60 points) significantly better than the Creative EP630 (40 points) in their January 2006 issue."

Thus, the CX300 is not available as an OEM version (beware of polybagged, "no logo" products or bootleg packaging) Our CX300 uses entirely different components, although it shares the same shell as some of other brands.

If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Eric Palonen
Sennheiser Headphone Specialist

I Hope this guide has been of use to you!  Thanks for reading!


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