Fake Sennheiser PX100 and PX200 headphones. How to spot

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I recently purchased some PX200 headphones from ebay for £12.99 thinking I was getting a bargain. Unfortunately I was sold fakes. I already own a pair of PX100 that were bought from a high street hifi specialist shop so I could make a make a sound judgement as to their authenticity. I sent them back, complaining to the seller that they were fakes and would report them to eBay. I received a full refund with no questions asked.

The main points you should look out for are:

1. Fake PX100 and PX200 are supplied WITHOUT the special folding plastic protective case. I have checked with Sennheiser and they have never been supplied without it. The fakes come in a blister pack that has no room inside for the plastic case, so its not that it is just "missing". The only reason it is not supplied, I feel, is because it would be difficult to copy without looking obviously fake.

2. The earpieces are supposed to fold out and firmly, but gently lock in place. The fakes have poorly made silvery brass coloured hinges that do not have a positive lock and look like the hinges from cheap sunglasses.

3. The black Sennheiser logo that is screen printed onto the headband was a bit blurred on the fakes.

4. The fold out arms were made from a cheap looking "shiney" plastic. The genuine headphones are made from a quality looking "matt" finish plastic.

Sorry I've no pictures, I only thought to write this guide when I had sent them back.

I hope this guide helps stop someone else having their time wasted. If they are sold as new and are under £20 and without the case, I'm certain they will be fakes.
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