Fake Shure SM58 Microphones

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Just wanted to let all ebayers know that there are alot of FAKE Shure SM58's  around at the moment.

I have bid on and won 2 over the past week and have had to return both of them, luckily I have had no problems with getting full refunds for both.

The main thing to look for on these is the weight, a genuine Shure SM58 should weigh 298g - These fake ones are weighing in at around 250g.

Also when the silver grille is removed the fake ones have a white sticker around the top of the mic, genuine ones have no sticker.

The next thing that gives them away is the handling noise, when plugged in these fakes are so noisy when just holding them.

Check the box, the fakes are coming in boxes where you lift off the top and the mic is in the bottom section of the box, Genuine Shure mic's now come in a plain white cardboard box with an outer sleeve with all the branding and pictures on, I purchased a genuine one a few days ago and compared all the boxes in the shop.

I know everyone is after a bargain these days but I would strongly suggest that if you are looking to buy a Shure SM58 then buy one new from a music shop, They retail for around £95 - £100

I paid £52 for one of these fake ones which was listed as used, so BEWARE if you see them on ebay for around £30 - £60 I would say they are fakes.

If you are gonna bid on these ask the seller to email you pics of the mic with the grille removed, I have done this on about 6 mic's but have had no response from any of the sellers.

Also ask them for the weight, If they do weigh it and not tell you whats printed in the manual (298g) if it comes back at less than 298g it is a fake !

I hope this guide has been helpful

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