Fake Shure SM58's

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I have never used e-bay before so let this be a BIG WARNING TO ALL. I bid on three mics hoping to get two - my fault I know - I won all three. The first was paid for on Pay Pal and that was the last I ever heard of it or the seller - now subject of a dispute. The second and third arrived within a day of each other and they were identical. Identical fakes!! The box says SM 58 LC - for the last 5 years the box should say LCE - the printed box looks yellowish - it should be white - but - THIS IS PROOF POSITIVE THAT YOU HAVE A FAKE - CHECK THE WEIGHT. If the "original" paperwork is still in the box it says weight 10.5 oz or 295gms - the fakes weigh a good 2oz less - 8oz or about 250gms. This is slackness on the fakers part but indisputable - Shure will confirm it is a fake. To date one seller has reacted brilliantly and the other aggressively. The people who are selling these as a "buy now" item generally know the items are not real. Ask the question first. This is also happening on Amazon and there are a lot of these copies around. Take care.
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