Fake Sir Nathaniel, Fake Cousin Wesley, Natwest Pigs.

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The best website I have found is  natwestpigsinoz.com   .

There are so many different versions of the fake Sir Nathaniel, it is as if there is a new one out every day.

White Jacket with red ties, black ties, gold ties, Union  Jack ties, Scottish Flag ties,Polka dot ties, and all the same again with Black Jackets as well. ... And then theres the one in the Prison Uniforn. What next??

If he is not in a Black Dinner Suit, with a Red Dickie Bow, he is almost certainly a fake... There are a few excetions....

There is one very easy way to spot the fakes , which is the oversized base, with the untidy fake "Wade England" backstamp.The "W" is odd looking and on a funny angle and the "A" is also funny shaped.

The best website available to show the fakes is     natwestpigsinoz.com    .

As for the Fake "Cousin Wesley", same thing applies, they all have an untidy backstamp, with an odd shaped "W" in the Wade Logo.

The base is often also a bit thicker, or chunky looking. Again this can be seen on the website     natwestpigsinoz.com  .

Its shows comparism pictures of the base so you can really see the difference, so you don't get ripped off  buying a fake.

The facial  features of a Genuine Cousin Wesly, are usually more defined than the fake , and the feet are slightly  larger on the fake Wesley.

 Cousin Wesley should always have a Green jacket and Blue pants and cap.. Most of the fakes are close to the correct colour, so you realy need to study the base closely.

Make sure any pictures are clear, and always ask the seller if the pictures are of the "actual item" for sale. If the pictures are not clear, ask them to send you clear ones. If they will not, don't risk your money bidding on their items.

These two are the main ones with lots of fake copies.. Be carefull



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