Fake Skateboard T-Shirts

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Like most clothing categories on eBay, the Skateboard clothing section has more than its fair share of fakes.

Of course, many are happy to buy fake items for a fraction of the price of the genuine article, and many people must be buying them, otherwise the sellers would not list them in the quantities that they do.

Just for the record, all those T-shirts being sent from China, Thailand, Singapore etc are NOT genuine!

These brands are licensed to authorised distributors who sell them to qualified retailers. It is impossible, even at wholesale prices, to buy a genuine Zoo York T-Shirt for the £6.99 quoted as the eBay price shipping from Thailand.

Today, I can see supposed Volcom, Etnies, Zoo York and other branded Tee Shirts being sold by sellers in these countries. I would hope that eBay themselves would do something about it, however the chances are slim when they are getting the listing fees! These sellers may have high positive feedback, but this does not neccessarily mean that they sell genuine goods. Buyers will leave feedback who don't realise they are getting a fake, or who do, and don't mind as they are paying low prices.

If you buy one, you will get something that looks the part, but will not have the build quality or long-lasting toughness of the genuine article.

How to spot a fake?

Firstly go on price. If a seller is willing to sell 'new' this-season designer clothing for next to nothing then it's fake. You simply cannot get hold of these in-demand items for those silly prices.

Second, ask if it comes with tags. All top-end clothing companies tag their brand new goods, and the tags are usually thick cardboard or plastic. Its too much trouble to recreate these tags for the fakers, so they seldom bother. So if it doesn't have tags its probably a fake, secondhand or a 'grey import' copy.

So do yourself a favour and get the genuine article. You'll be getting a quality product and hopefully putting these sharks out of business at the same time.

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