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My family all live in NYC and over the years my wealthy Aunt has gifted me tiffany keyrings, earrings and bracelets. I am kicking myself now! I lost the keyring and threw away (YES!) solid gold earrings in a clear out! Naively, I didn't like them and had no idea what they were worth...


All I have left is a bead bracelet. When I went to sell it, I couldn't believe all the fuss - until I realised how many fakes there were! I am shocked to see obvious fakes selling for close to the value of real ones!

Here is the most useful advice I have come across or can give:


Watch for a while - you will notive items going through from separate buyers who all appear to have the same kitchen worktop! everyone now knows the rules of real Tiffany, so will always claim the 'correct' hallmarks etc - not really much help!

People who have new Tiffany? How can they not be making a profit? Not to be trusted (Tiffany does not do sales - so real Tiffany will have been bought at face value!)

Listings which say Tiffany style. Obviously fakes - if you email them they will probably admit it! Buy by all means - but not for £50!

If someone's box and pouch are a bit dirty or bashed, they're probably real - I am doubtful of people who say they have all the stuff still - who really keeps all packaging??

The photo - real sterling silver will look a bit dull - sometimes goldish : real silver is difficult to photgraph for an amateur with a normal camera. Fakes are very shiny - nickel / rhodium coated : you may well prove allergic to them!


Most authentic Tiffany is estate clearance or used. Email all sellers - if they don't reply....hmmmmm.... Am also very suspicious of people who apparently have never bought or sold, but been members for ages! There are loads of these!!


Look at listings : watch out for copied listings and photos.  The fake pouches look very different - much smaller gap between drawstring stitching and top. They should be suede inside and out (mine is actually white inside - but it is not a separate bit of fabric.) People sell fake Tiffany very openly on the web - look at these sites and you can see the photos and the pouches the ebay sellers use.

In the listing where it has item specifics - beware if they have not listed the designer!

Be surprised at a low starting price, low BIN price or a product with no reserve - again, why??

Ebay do look - while I have been watching some, one has had its listing withdrawn - if you watch a few, you should be able to spot why!

Selling these fakes in such an underhand way seems very unfair on anyone selling the real thing (sometimes for charity ...) It deflates their final price! and , ultimately devalues genuine Tiffany. People sell fakes for 50 - 60 that they bought for £30!




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