Fake Ugg Boots

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Beware of buying Ugg Boot that are not genuine. I recently got a pair from a dealer who is no longer registered with ebay this happened midway through while I waiting for the boots to arrive and the money taken from my account. I did report this to paypal and a dispute was logged.  

The boots arrived 23/12 they were genuine, but they were a U.K size 8 instead of a U. S size 8 . t

They were returned and another pair arrived today 31/12 but I have my doubts as to wether these ones are genuine. There are sutble changes to these ones they are slightly darker than the 1st pair and they have a different smell, and there was a pinned label on them which I believe  there should not have been, also the size appears to be smaller than my regular shoes, so please do be careful. the dispute is now closed and cannot be reopened. Thank you                                                               

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