Fake Watches.

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While browsing through at various watches, Omega's, Rolex and Breitling it occured to me how many people there are bidding on replica items. I've seen some terrible looking fakes go for astronomical amounts of monies and would like to help you find the watch for the correct price.

There's no doubt about it replica watches have their place, I have 2 decent replica's I use for everyday use. Both have swiss movement and are almost identical to the real thing. Both have boxes and paperwork, andI even have a warranty card with one stamped by a non existent jeweller in Hong Kong. For these watches I would not expect to pay over £200. A google search of chinese watch sites will find you a multitude of results. As stated above you can purchase paperwork to make this watch seem authentic.

When purchasing a real watch do your homework, How much is the watch worth,why are they selling it? The most common reasons i find on ebay are astounding!! I purchased this watch on a whim and it doesn't suit me - I'm sorry but i don't believe that you would fork over £2000.00 on a whim and then notice that the watch doesn't match your shirt. Or the other old favourite, it was a gift for......Sooo someone purchased a Rolex Daytona for £8000.00 for you, and your selling it on ebay for £750.00. Does that make sense. Especially if they normally sell old junk on ebay.

To sum up all i'm trying to say is if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't true. Ask the seller if he will give you 200% of the money back if it isn't a real Omega/Rolex ect... that way you can be sure he is selling the real thing.

Good Luck 


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