Fake YSL, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahniks Shoes

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We started selling real leather high quality shoes only a few months ago and after extensive research found eBay to be flooded with fake designer high heels. Most of our designs are similar to designer brands, but they are none brand versions (no designer logo or brand name on them, only the size is printed on the soles) as we will NOT sell fakes. We respect a designers brand name and believe most people do, so here are a few tips to avoid the replicas!

The following brands are only a few examples of designers that have been copied and fakes can be found on eBay now:
  • YSL
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Manolo Blahnik
Materials: Fake YSL Tribute shoes have started to show more and more on eBay as sellers import them from China. The quality can range (as with all replicas) from very poor to very high quality. Some of the patent shoes are made from cheaper PU, others from real leather. A lot of the replicas now being produced are made from very high quality real leather making them increasingly difficult to spot. 

Boxes: Some fakes we have come in contact with are supplied in a poor quality damaged box. They are quite easy to spot, but others have included a bar code and product code sticker. If the box has a genuine looking price label and product information sticker on the box don't automatically asume they are originals.

Soles: A lot of the fakes we have seen still have the sole protector sticker on the soles. They can be peeled off, but are a good sign that you have been sold a fake.

Receipts: Obvious but still worth mentioning. Ask the seller if they have the original receipt for the shoes. All shoes will have be purchased from somewhere, so a copy of the receipt is not an unreasonable request.

Examples of fake designer shoes available on eBay now: Something Blue Manolo Blahniks, YSL Tribute Shoes (most styles), Christian Louboutin Pigalle.

Feedback: Be careful when buying from sellers with a small number of feedback or low feedback. I am always suspicious of sellers with 10 feedback or less selling designer shoes. Most sellers that offer replicas are stamped out by eBay, but they keep coming back. Reading a sellers feedback (negatives are a must read) could give you an indication if the seller is genuine.

Check the sellers other items: Always check what else the seller has on offer. If they have a range of sizes in the same design, chances are they're fake. A range of items in a range of sizes from the same designer (unless they are an authorised retailer) is also a good sign of fakes.

Pictures: DEMAND A PICTURE! Many people have a digital camera now or a high quality camera on their phone, so its not too much to ask when you pay big money for designer shoes to request a picture of the shoes. If the listing uses a picture from the official designers website (E.G. Ysl.com) you can't be sure the shoes are originals. Ask for pictures of the sole, insole, box, receipts...basically every bit of detail so you can make a more informed decision before you buy.

What can we do? If you suspect a seller is offering fake designer shoes, click on the "Report Item" link on the item listing page. eBay will then check the item and remove it if they deem the shoes to be fakes.

Happy shopping to all!
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