Fake adidas football shirts

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Unfortunately there are still a large number of fake football shirts being sold.  An easy way to spot them on ebay is to first check the following:

1. If the word adidas is missing from the listing title.  For example, instead of "adidas Liverpool football shirt" it will just say "Liverpool Football Shirt BNWT".  This can be an attempt to avoid the listing being picked up by the ebay Vero (Verified Rights Owners) programme.

2. Price - If it has a buy it now price of around £24.99 or lower and the shirt is a start of season release it is extremely unlikely that the shirt is a genuine adidas product.  The exception to this rule would only be if a seller is listing the shirt as a one-off sale due to maybe buying the wrong size.  If the seller has multiple listings of adidas football shirts at these prices be very careful and do the checks shown below.

3. If the listing says BNWT (Brand New with tags) and you can see the tag this does not mean it is genuine.  Sellers who know what they are doing should really show the tags in close up and more importantly the back of the hang tag which shows the description of the adidas product, the product number and the barcode with sizing information as shown in the picture below.  Also look out for the original adidas bag if possible (this is not always the case however as places like JJB, Sports Direct etc. have the shirts already removed from the bags and on display on hangers in the shop).

4.  Probably even more important to see in the pictures (or ask the seller to send you pictures with their user id hand written next to them) is the inner tags of adidas football shirts as shown below.  This shows the standard adidas label with country flags on and a smaller label with other product identification numbers.  Also note that these labels are neatly stiched inside the shirt are made from silky material that does not irritate when worn.

5. Stock photos instead of genuine photos.  I know some sellers find it easier just to insert one photo for multiple listings but why not go the extra mile and insert real pictures of what you are selling instead of pictures lifted from a website.  How are you meant to know what the football shirt you are buying really looks like.  If in doubt ask the seller to send you pictures again with their user id hand written next to the picture.

6.  Sizes.  You will normally find that sellers listing multiple cheap adidas football shirts will only ever have size Medium or Extra Large.  So, I would ask for a small or large shirt.  Anyway, you will probably find that if you buy one of these shirts it will probably not be a correct size M or XL anyway.

7. Material.  Genuine football shirts will be comfortable to wear and adidas climacool, clima365 or climalite shirts will be made of good quality polyester.  Fake shirts are normally a sub standard material and you will feel uncomfortably warm wearing one even in cold weather!

8.  The long sleeve mystery!  I have found that the sellers who sell current season Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid etc. adidas football shirts at unbelievably cheap prices will rarely sell long sleeve versions of them.  I know not everybody likes or wants a long sleeve shirt but it is another good thing to look out for.  So, if it is short sleeved do the above checks.  If  it is long sleeved you are already on safer ground in the first place but still do the checks. 

9.  Finally, something that probably everybody has heard before, if its too good to be true it probably is!


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