Fake and Real Burberry coat,Jacket and children clothes

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I am a big fan of Burberry since 1999 til present. It make me very addicted to see new baby coming in my wardrobe.
I get mad of some peoples that "think they are know very well about this Brand" but they are not.
Butberry in the old day " Made in England and Scotland" but nowadays they lovely quilted jacket most Made in Turkey.

And many also are FAKE. It has fake tags, boxes and plastic wrap sell on chinese websites. That is not nice >>. huhu!! fakeroo!!

1. You have to close look with the tags, fonts , color of the tags( some dark blue and white creme and some is black)
2. If quilted pattern.. ( BBR is Hi-end brand.. of course.. the systematic must be correct and not look cheapo like fake one)
3. Look for the nice cutting ( my opinion the BBR in the old day cutting was so good, perfect) -- I just bought new jacket from BBr shop BUT BUT the cutting not so good.. thread run out after i wear 1 weeks and the quality quite hard quitled not liek before )
4. if quilted jacket and coat.. You can see "Brand tags everywhere , inside pocket , inside lining and on the lining behind the pocket inside and on the collar.
some has tags both 2 pocket side.. this is my quilted jacket hood ... has both side.. funny!!
5. (many old jacket and now tags are sumply different too) as i mentioned above.. Please look close up with tags
6. Zip./... brand Lampo, YKK ( i think has more but i dnt know.. this is from my clothes)
7. BBR always use high quality .. nice buttons... has amber color, chocolate or caramel color but BURBERRY .. Pls take a look close up... with the button... BUR BERRY
8. ------------ I am tired neck... i will write more tomorrow for the scarf and about how to spot the fake...
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