Fake cars advertised on eBay!!!

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http://pages.ebay.co.uk/education/spooftutorial/index.html CHECK TO PROTECT YOURSELF!!!

I have caught about 3 people on eBay pretending to sell a car which is advertised as in good condition, HPI clear and right hand drive. Buy It Now price is way too good to be true. They put the car on eBay and start the bid at around £200 with no reserve for a MERCEDES CLK AVANTGARDE CABRIOLET 2004 or other really expensive cars. They clearly state that the Buy It Now price is only £4000. The sellers always have good feedback so don't be fooled, either they have hacked an account or are doing these scams as a one off, they are FAKE. I, myself have been fooled once.

They ask you to contact them and in doing so, I asked for a viewing of the car. They say it is currently in another country and insist that they bought it in the UK and it is a right hand drive and is registered in the UK, they ask for your details stating that the whole transaction will be done through eBay so everything is safe. I gave my details and a few minutes later I recieved an email form eBay Motors giving me an invoice and payment instructions. Thinking the email was completely genuine, I began to read the instructions on payment. The email address they use seems completely real too.

The sellers will ask you to pay through WESTERN UNION, never do this, I myself, did not know that this was not safe as it is a way for you to loose money by sending it to people you do not know. eBay does not recommend this at all as they do not cover for it and it states on their website to avoid this payment method. Once paying, I recieved an email that I needed to send to reciepts of the transaction to eBay Motors, thinking this was true I nearly did so. They ask for the reciept so they can get a number to claim the money from a Western Union branch.

Call it luck or whatever, I was surfing around on the net just before I was going to send the email containing info on the reciepts and I saw a warning sign on eBay saying don't fall for spoof emails. I was pretty sure the emails I had been recieving for eBay Motors were real but I did have some doubt as they emails kept on praising the seller e.g. This seller is a trusted eBayer and we highly recommend him etc. , I read through the info that was on eBay and realised they had an email address which you could send emails to which you thought were fake to so they could check it for you. I forwarded my emails I had been recieving and sent it.

Thankfully the service was fast and a few minutes later I recieved an email saying that my emails were fake. I was petrified, I had sent £4000 over to a person who was not going to send me anything, someone I did not even know. When I saw that eBay did not recommend user pay through Western Union, I knew I had to do something. I contacted Western Union staright away and this was at 11.00pm so I was scared no one would cancel it in time but luckily the man had not collected the money yet so the transaction was stopped. However, I still lost the handling fee which for me came up tp around £200.

Since then I have seen Mercedes SLs advertised for Buy It Now prices too good to be true and I have contacted eBay about this but little has been done. Do NOT fall for these people! Look out for these:

Sating car is in another country

Saying that they will ship the car through Samskip or other means similar

Asking for your address

Demanding you pay through Western Union

Asking for Western Union details of transaction

Refusing to give you his/her eBay name after you have contacted them about wanting to buy it for the Buy It Now price.


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