Fake emails from Paypal - BEWARE! You could lose £££s

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Received another email today from 'PayPal' stating that my payment of £380 had been made to a seller. This is one of several identical phishing emails I've received recently. I'd not bought anything for that value and my eye was drawn to advice saying follow the link to 'www.paypal.com' if you have not authorised this payment for a full refund.

My first instinct was to click on the link. The PayPal login screen appeared asking for my ebay logon ID and password. And fortunately I remembered the advice never to use a link in an email to go to eBay or PayPal.

Yes, they looked EXACTLY as the official PayPal email and Webpage should look, complete with logos, security warnings etc. However, the address in the web browser was not PayPal.

Never click a link in an email to Paypal or ebay. Use your own bookmarks.

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