Fake football shirts

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Can I add a bit of realism to the debate? I think everyone needs to have a bit of commonsense when it comes to Far East soccer kits. When high street retailers and websites like kitbag.com sell official shirts at £40, then if you pay less than half that (including postage!) from a Far East dealer then please be realistic. The shirt will always be fake, a very good one though and if it is changed in a couple of years just buy another cheap one unless you do wear it so often it wears out in case you need to expand your wardrobe! If you accept accept that, say, a Juventus or Bayern Munich shirt from Hong Kong is going to be a £10 fake then it's easier to understand. You are never going to get an official shirt at that price even if it's a few years old. Just check out the World Cup shirts on there now. For around a tenner I don't mind if the shirt is fake but do check that it looks as near as dammit like the original. It won't be the same of course but very close (lettering etc does vary). It's like buying ebay autographs - assume they are fake (especially from the Far East) cos you get what you pay for. Check sizes as well; their version of a size may be one less than a UK version.
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