Fake ghs MK IV on ebay

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Sadly like a lot of buyers on ebay I find myself victim of the Fake ghd sellers. I bought these for my daughter as a gift, paid for them on 21st October but unfortunately I received them on 31st October (perhaps due to postal strike or the fact the seller hadn't dispatched them when they say they did). Stupidly I left positive feedback, thinking all was ok with the ghds, however when my daughter went on to register them on the official ghd uk website she had it confirmed they are fake!! I contacted the seller for a refund and I'd return the goods. She refused and kept saying I should have returned them within her '7 day return policy'!! How could I, I had only just received them 11 days after I paid for them!! I have now taken it to dispute via Paypal and reported the seller to ebay. All I get from the seller is excuses and a load of lies saying they are pre registered! The ghd uk customer services have confirmed that genuine ghds do not get pre registered, the person buying them does this!! The seller also told me there are things about her 'contract' with ghd company that she cannot tell me because of 'non disclosure' issues....what she means is she knows I've rumbled her but she's going to carry on with the scam!!

I really wish I could 'name and shame' this seller in here to warn other innocent unsuspecting buyers like me, but doubt ebay would let me. So please beware and perhaps its safer not to buy your ghds on ebay.

If Paypal cannot help me get my money back I've decided to take further action via Trading Standards and Legal services. People like this seller who knowingly con people should be banned from ebay!!

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