Fake global knives

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I bought a fake global knife off ebay, well at the time of buying I did not know it was a fake. When it arrived in the post I could see almost instantly that it did not look right. Luckily I happen to have 2 genuine global knives bought over the counter at a John Lewis, so I could compare them.

I now see there are more fakes for sale, including the G45 ceramic rod sharpeners, and thanks to buying one fake already, I know what to look for in the photos. When you have a genuine and fake side by side, it fairly easy to see the difference.   

When I first got the fake knife in my hand, I could tell it did not feel right, a genuine global knife feels heavy and solid, this one did not. Next I tried cutting some bread, tomatoes etc. Although it looked very sharp it could not cut worth a damn compared to a genuine global knife, it was more like tearing rather than cutting.

How to tell if its GENUINE by looking: The dimples on the handle, or dots if you like are indented. These should be perfectly round and equal in size, spaced evenly around the handle, equal distance apart. No smears or smudges.

On my FAKE I noticed that the dimples varied in size and depth and looked more oval than round, they were larger and smaller, the enamel paint dot did not always sit exactly in the centre of the indent and connected to dots on some parts of the handle. But then this is a fake, the attention to detail is not as good. This is the only visual clue you can use, its the only way you can tell by looking if its fake. Any imperfection of the dots / dimples means its fake. You have to look very closely to see this, its hardly noticable but there is a difference in the finish. Its not nearly as neat and tidy as it should be. The dimples on a fake are closer together and almost touch on some part of the handle. This is what I now see in some of the photos of items for sale on ebay.

The dimples should be the same size and diameter right across the handle, perfectly round and evenly spaced,  like these asterisks, evenly spaced, equal size, equal distance apart covering the handle  * * * * * * * * * * *  

On a fake you may see something like this across the handle * * ** * * ** * and they will vary in size.

All global products come boxed, there is a serial number on the box, inside the box is a leaflet giving instructions on how to care for your product, plus a list of other products. No box with serial number and leaflet means its 100% fake. The only exception is if its secondhand, even then treat with caution. Look for the first 2 clues to verify. Ok it may be a bit blunt if its secondhand and used. Here is another clue, the steel on a real global is soft or finer than cheaper quality steel. By that I mean if you run it across a metal steel rod sharpener to sharpen it, it will leave tiny scratches, thats why global recommend a ceramic sharpener to prevent this.

I see some sellers are using the excuse, "this knife is part of a set which was broken up to give you a bargain", to get round not having the box. Some sellers will use a photo of a genuine knife, then when yours arrives in the post, guess what! surprise surprise, NO BOX. and theres a note saying sorry, the box got damaged, the dog ate it. From a pet free home :)

To recap, if its new then it must come with the box and paper work to be genuine. What possible excuse can there be for not having a new item in its original packing. You are either very careless or selling fakes. The price is also a give away, these are very exclusive items only available to a select few wholesalers who supply large stores in the UK like John Lewis.

If Joe Bloggs has a shed load of them on ebay, no boxes with serial numbers, they must be 100% fake

There is a Global Knife website where you can check the serial numbers, I have not included it but its there if you want to have a look.

I have now decided to try and buy a genuine global knife off ebay, to see if its possible. The hunt is on. Exciting isnt it. I dont hold out much hope of getting one. But I will try. Watch this space ( )

During this quest to find a genuine global product, I found this feedback which read "FAKE FAKE FAKE I got on to grunweg (global importer) DO NOT BUT FROM THIS PERSON" What is amazing about this is, it is not the first neg this seller has for selling fakes and people are still bidding silly amounts. I guess this means some people like fakes, or they do not realise they are fakes or they cant be bothered to read feedback. Or they read the feedback and thought what the hell, I am saving a fiver.

There are sets of globals in large boxes, I am not sure about these, I have not examined a box set but I think these are fakes as well. The price is a good indicator here. I certainly will not buy a set off ebay unless there is a till receipt and paperwork included. I see one clever buyer left neutral feedback stating he asked the seller to prove authenticity for a set of globals, needless to say the seller could not. Good one that.


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