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As a relative newcomer to the wonderful and very addictive "ebay" I am amazed by 2 quite obvious facts, firstly the amount of clearly fake items being sold, and secondly buyers apparent apathy towards this, or perhaps ignorance to the fact they are being blatently and unscrupulously ripped off by these con-men. To date out off about 25 purchased items I have recieved a Hugo Boss shirt that was clearly something picked up at the local market with a very basic "Hugo Boss" label sewn into the collar (even the label was fake !), a Lacoste polo shirt that again was of lesser quality than something bought in Tesco's with an equally poor "Crocodile" logo sewn onto the chest, Prada flip-flops that were again like something you would buy on Brighton seafront for a £1 (these are still being offered on ebay and have already sold in vast quantities (people wake up and complain, at least leave neg feedback for Gods sake). And my most recent purchase was for 2 pairs (yes i'm a glutton for punishment) of Lacoste deck shoes. On the face of it a nice pair of well made shoes, ah the real thing I thought, even though they did not arrive in the appropriate Lacoste box as promised in the advert, they had labels in them, a metal "Crocodile" fixed on the side of the uppers, and even "Lacoste" embossed on the back of the shoe. All good so far. But friends sadly no it wasn't to be, they are fakes even though good fakes, but still not the £160 Lacoste deck shoe the seller was advertising and that I parted with my hard earned for. The shoes had a tag attached to them, usual product blurb I thought, but after reading this rather innocuous label the doubt set in. I won't bore you with the details but there were 2 glaringly obvious spelling mistakes. A world reknown top quality international company like Lacoste pumping out its products with silly common or garden spelling mistake on its labels ? don't think so. The word "brand" had been spelt "brabd" and "create" was spelt "creat" for those of you who are curious. So I had the shoes checked out by a well known Lacoste stockist who almost immediately said they were fake. Apart from anything else he said the deck shoes that Lacoste do make actually do not even look like the ones I had unwittingly bought from ebay. Again these shoes are still being sold openly. So come on ebay what are you doing to protect your customers ? What I have mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg, I could give many other examples of shady practice going in the name of commerce on our beloved ebay. Your thoughts my friends would be most welcome, or should I say your feedback ! Remember people, "caveat emptor" let the buyer beware. 

9/9/06 Just to bring you up to date friends, more goods to look out for. I have since bought fake 501's, fake Ralph Lauren "Big Pony" polo shirts, and there are many out there, fake Armani and Prada socks, again being sold by the bucket load, fake Ralph Lauren pretty much everything, most copied designer in the world I am reliably informed, the list goes on. Perhaps you would agree with me that the most outrageous part of this "fake free for all" is ebay's total reluctance to do anything about its customers being ripped off by these unscrupulous low life shysters, it just turns a blind eye and allows it to continue unabated, good old ebay, no-wonder the shady practises on ebay are regularly being reported in the press (most recent examples, librarian stealing books and rare manuscripts to sell to unsuspecting buyers and the Mercedes buyer who turned up at a house with several thousand pounds in cash and was greeted by an armed gang and robbed) But like Lemmings we will continue to part with the "folding" and leave "positive feedbacks", what jolly nice chaps and chappesses we all are ! Happy hunting folks.

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