Fake insects in 'real' Baltic Amber

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There are numerous adverts for insects in 'real Baltic Amber', and although many are genuine, a large number are highly suspect and mostly by Chinese dealers. The items are obviously fake because all the 'insects' (in fact usually Scorpions) are all large, in the same position, in large pieces of 'Amber' of a suspiciously similar shape. Usually when insects are sold as inclusions in amber they tend to be tiny things in variously shaped pieces.These have obviously been carefully placed in some kind of resin that resembles Amber. As an entomologist I know that Scorpions don't crawl up trees and wouldn't get stuck in amber because they are large and would have to stay in the same position for weeks!

The feedback for the Chinese sellers is always private, and when you ask them a question, you either don't get a response or the reply is in pidgin english - 'me sorry, new sell on ebay' kind of nonsense.

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