Fake or Genuine!

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Ladies and gents, we all love expensive items especially if we can get them at a bargain price! Just don't let the bidding fever get to you. Just because it's online, just because it's at a great price, doesn't mean you should forget yourself. Keep in the forfront of your mind that it is still a shopping experience, even if your at home all cosy and warm. Online auctions are a great way to get a bargain, but make sure it's the bargain you want.The internet has opened the flood gates to the world of replicas. Replicas are made of absolutley every item, and they are replicated very well BUT there are huge differences

Here's a few points to help you remember...

  • China has the biggest replica industry. What does this mean? Well, if you're looking at a particular designer item, eg, clothes, handbags, wallets, watches, jewelry etc and it is coming from China, think twice and bypass it, chances are it is a fake.
  • REMEMBER design houses DO NOT sell wholesale. There are official outlets that are authorised to sell their items. If you are not sure about where the stores are, contact the house through their official site.
  • If you see an item on an online auction, don't be afraid to ask questions about it. The seller should be happy to answer.If not, pass by
  • Does the seller have genuine reasons for selling?
  • Is there a receipt that can be provided, and not just a store receipt either, a credit card or cash receipt? The seller can block out personal details.
  • Store recepits are easily bought on the internet, a cash register receipt is what you want.
  • Just because a seller of designer bags is recommended by My Poupette, does not make the item authentic, I've spotted four My Poupette sellers selling fakes just today! ask, ask, and ask again.
  • Just because the seller is a Power Seller on ebay does not make the items authentic either, ask yourself the following questions:- How are they able to get their hands on so many designer items if they are not an authorised seller? How are they selling particular items when they are new this season and haven't had a chance to hit the streets? How do they have the item when there is a waiting list? Hmmm...
  • Look closely at the photograph of the item, Is it taken in the sellers house? Or is it more proffesional, white background etc, if so, chances are it's coming from a wharehouse, back to China again folks. This is a no no
  • You want to make sure the item you are bidding on, is the one you are looking at.
  • Designer handbags DO NOT have an example piece of leather attached to them!
  • More photos the better, remember, you can't hold the item in your hands until you've bought it.
  • If you decide to buy an item, which by the way there are a great many genuine sellers out there, pay by Paypal or credit card, that way , you have an amount of protection.
  • If the seller has a shop, you have more rights than if the seller is private, should something go wrong.
  • If you are not happy with your item, contact the seller and give them a chance to explain and refund.

After all this, I need to say that there are many good sellers on auction sites, genuine and honest. This guide is not to put you off, but to make you aware. We need to protect eachother as well as ourselves.


I have been buying from ebay for a couple of years now, on and off (well my husband has, with a little nudge from me!) and I have an account of my own now and I bought my first items from a particular seller who gave me some great tips and advice. She told me, that if you were going to sell a designer item of your own, from your wardrobe etc, that somewhere on the item if possible, you should attach a security tag. She does this and it's easy to take off and doesn't damage the item at all. She logs the tag number for refrence. I asked her the point of this and she told me she had been advised to do it by a fellow ebayer because there are buyers out there who buy a designer item, and when it gets to them, they swap it for a replica and demand the money back from the seller, that way they get both designer bag and returned money, double bubble! The tag ensures that if the item is returned you can see immediately if it has been tampered with. There you go! great tip I thought. ( you can get these tags on ebay, event wrist tags, that kind of thing)


 Don't forget to remember....Don't lose your head along with your hard earned money!



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