Fake perfume seller - ukbargainz4u

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Although it appears that they sometimes sell genuine (or very good fake) items, this ebayer is a deliberate scammer. He/she knowingly sells fake perfumes and aftershaves  on a pretty regular basis (read their feedback) and overcharges for the postal costs. Fair enough if you are happy to add it into your total outlay for a genuine item. This person however, overcharges, sends fake items and then refuses to refund the inflated postal charge.

A greedy and unscrupulous character/s. To confirm the dodgy nature of their actions, they have been trading under different identities. After my threats to inform trading standards, the person I had the problem with (Rukhsana3304) apparently left ebay (banned???) but had also been (and still is!) trading as ukbargainz4u.

This person also makes veiled threats in order to be given positive feedback (offering a positive in return for a positive, suggesting of course, that a negative from me would instigate a negative from them!). After I left a deserved negative feedback, they (very predictably) left an undeserved negative for me and later tried to get me to withdraw the feedback and said that they would do the same. I ignored the request as I don't think people should help the scammers to hide what they're doing. I would strongly advise against buying anything from this ebayer. In fact - don't touch with a bargepole!!!

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