Fake perfumes on Ebay

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Hello, i have been going through perfumes as wanted to buy present as many of us. I have seen lots of sellers registered in Poland and Latvia selling fake perfumes. Be aware of these as they are copies from Turkey or Russia. If you dont believe just have a look that they are mostly the most expensiv perfumes like Chanel Coco Maddemoiselle, Chanel Chance, Dior Miss Cherie and so on. You can have a look on polish auction sites like allegro.pl , there you will just write any of these perfumes and click wyshukaj or something like that and you will see that sellers offers these perfumes for 40-50 zloty which makes around 8-10 pounds. As i work in perfumery i know that the wholesale prices of these are minimally 20-25 pounds, so there is no way to buy originals cheaper than that.

How to find out if perfum is fake from auction. First of all see the sellers feedback if there is any info about any seller not being sure about originality of perfume do not buy.

Second way is that they are selling very limited amount of brands and mostly the most expensive ones.

Hope you will not be dissapointed of buying fake perfume as the fakes can siriously harm your or presented persons body as there is mostly only alcohol in perfumes and more over you dont know even the quality of alcohol inserted. Someone can say that original perfumes are too expensiv but these companies have all the aprobations done, they have all researches if perfum is not bad quality for your skin and so on.

Thank you for your attention and hope this was helpfull.

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