Fake pink GHD Straighteners

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As I am unable to comment on the sellers repy to my feedback on the pink GHD Straighteners which I recently bought, who is saying that I damaged these prior to returning them. This is not the case and they were returned in the condition I received them.   I would urge anyone who has bought  pink GHD straighteners from anyone on e-bay to check on the GHD website.  I can assure everyone that the straighteners that I received were counterfeit and  received an item that was advertised as brand new when in fact the packaging was damaged, the hologram numbers were rubbing off when touched, and the ceramic plates were loose.  The sellers comments when I complained were that they were in fact factory seconds (which were not stated on the advertisement). The seller has refused to refund my money therefore I urge anyone who is in the same predicament as myself not to return items if they think are counterfeit before considering how to deal with this as I made the mistake of trusting a seller who now refuses to pay me back my money and I have no evidence to hand to defend myself as the seller now has managed to dupe me into returning them to her by saying I would get a refund.   
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