Fake second chance offers - beware!!

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Please be aware of a new wave of fake second chance offers inviting you to send them your best offer for something you were outbid on.

Below is the exact text of an email (including the email it originated from).  We have contacted them to tell them to pack it in but ironically, were emailed back offering us more (probably non-existent) goods.

PLEASE be careful - genuine second chance offers only come through ebays my messages - be very wary if you're contacted directly.

Below is the text I received - fortunately I knew the seller of the item I was outbid on and I knew right away that it was fraudulent.

Ebay have also been notified of the scam.

Seller eBay is the name that will come up in your email inbox.

Dear Buyer,starsaddlery
I'am the seller of this product,item number: xxxxxxxxxxx
Tell me if you want to buy it right now.

Make me a good offer and reply this email: (removed to avoid spamming)

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