Fake signed spurs,spain shirts

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There are so may fake signatures and signed football shirts on ebay that you really need to be careful.There are several simple steps to follow.Avoid Private sellers that have private bids and private feedback.If they are genuine people selling genuine signatures they would have nothing to hide or nothing to make private.Several become private sellers as they start churning out the same signatures over and over again that are forged or because as they sell more and more fakes their feedback gets really bad.

These fake sellers also recycle their forged items.They claim the signatures are done when players are leaving training leaning out of their cars yet they sell shirts with signatures in the exact same place to the exact cm! I have seen just recentley where 15 names were in the exact same place on different shirts sold by the same seller a few weeks earlier.What were the chances of that happening! A million to one i would say! But by making their auctions private you can't see what they have sold before and that they are duplicating their shirts unless you watch and track their activities.

Sellers of fake items usually show you one terrible blurred photo of the shirt they are selling with signatures that look like they are signed by a 4 year old problem child.The other trick is sellers of fakes usually have one day or three day auctions so there fakes have less time to be spotted by the powers that be.If you have a genuine article for sale you would have it up for auction as long as possible.A 7 day,10 day or even longer auction.

With the world cup being played right now the amount of fake football signatures has gone thru the roof.Again beware of sellers with private bids,one told me it was to protect his bidders from being spammed and getting emails offering to supply the autographs at a cheaper rate and they wanted to protect their bidders! Anyone who does this gets suspended or removed from ebay so it hardly ever happens.

The other thing sellers of fake 'signed' items some times do is try to provide photographic proof.This is almost always nonsense.You can  getat least one,sometimes several pictures on the internet of sportsman signing items or leaving training or getting on the team bus etc.These fake sellers copy and paste them and then put their name as copyright across them! Of all the photos about 1 in 20 actually shows the sportsmen signing the item up for auction.

One well know fake seller of premiership football items reels out the same set of pictures for every item he sells from that club.Not one picture has ever shown them signing anything he has sold! Its more than hilarious.The photos offer no proof whatsoever that the signatures are real.They are either downloaded from the internet or proof that a seller of fakes once went to the clubs training ground and took some pictures..............but sadly not of them signing anything he has for sale!

Also beware sellers that have so many star names and teams for sale.One faker constantly has AC Milan,Barca,Juve,Madrid shirts signed by the whole sqaud up for sale.The whole year round they constantly churn them out! Do you really think a.n.other dealer can really get his hands on 100's of Barca signed shirts a year! They have that many because they are faked.

My advice would be 1-Do not bid on anything from a private seller,if you can't see their feedback be very afraid.

2-Never bid on someone selling anything that has private bids.Again hidden so buyers can not be protected and so their friends can bid on the item and up the price.

3-Do not take any notice of photos-19/20 they prove nothing.

4-Avoid sellers selling cheap items.The real shirt costs around £45 and you see them being sold signed for £40! So with all their selling fees,paypal fees and buying a real shirt they would be losing around £12.So they put items on to lose money.......no the shirt is a £5 fake from the far east and the signature is a fake.Be prepared to pay more money for real items.For instance you can buy 05 Liverpool european cup winners shirts signed by the squad for £50-80 and the shirt alone would cost for £45.The real signed ones go for £100-300. 

5-Avoid sellers that have everything and everyone for sale.Its not easy to get hold of those players genuine signatures but it sure is easy to fake all their signatures and rip you off!

Please be careful out there folks.

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