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These shysters trade on peoples gullibility and greed. There is no such thing as a free ride. The problem with fakes, counterfeits etc. is that there is a whole industry springing up producing these. The general public might not think that there is nothing wrong with buying a fake rolex or DVD but what they are doing is supporting a whole crminal enterprise that eventually could undermine the whole system of values that underpin law and order in the developed countries.

For example, fake engine parts: the counterfeiters are now so well organised that even reputable airlines and maintenance companies can now inadvertently buy fake parts for aircraft. So a part that should last for 12,000 miles may only last for 2,000 miles. So when you buy that fake handbag in Turkey or Rome, you are supporting an industry that could kill you on the flight home. So please don't complain when the engine blows up over the Alps!

Or if  you are given medicine from the pharmacist for your child which does not work, don't complain, its payback time!

The whole counterfeit industry is therefore a pernicious threat to all of us, and should be eradicated ruthlessly. If you think that you have detected a counterfeit, or bought one, report it to the Trading Standards, do not buy counterfeit goods, because you and your children could be the next victim.


T Singer of  theo_outdoors


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