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My only advice when looking to buy the real genuine article is to buy it directly from the brand shop... you know you are getting the real thing.

I bought my Louis bag directly from the Auckland shop (check it exists on the Louis website) - paid for it and collected it after I passed through customs at the airport, it comes with dust bag, SERIAL number and most of all a receipt which is completely genuine as I bought it myself and it looks like a letter from a solicitor!! Yes it probably costs more - of course it would but atleast its real... I get asked all the time is it real, and I just say yes thanks! I haven't met anybody who has looked at it and said that is definately real... because in all fairness no one really knows - ONLY TRUST THE REAL SHOPS!

I bought a fake Chloe bag on ebay - knowing it was fake, no mention of a serial number... they tried to sway you to think it was real - and most would!! it smells nice though but I was not deluded by how cheap it was expecting it to be real... I get annoyed by fake products whatever they are - and this one is a nice enough bag - but I will be buying the real deal from Chloe in London - or a Chloe shop abroad!

I have read a lot of peoples views on Chloe bags and have now just decided is it worth trying to work out if its real - I would say to anyone its fake as its not from a Chloe shop/retailer - you know the ones..., no serial number, was dirt cheap and seriously would you really post a £700+ item with Royal mail - NO!

Always ok if you would like a  nice leather bag at a time where finances are poor - but the female desire to want is high... My next two purchases - belt - Louis and Chloe bag - from the London shops - ideally before I fly - tax free - collection from airport - take tickets and passport and you collect after clearing customs!!

Happy shopping xx

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