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STONE ISLAND is manufactured in Italy.
You know The Realistic Price.
So if you see a jacket At £20.BEWARE.

NIKE TRAINERS Are Not  Made In China.
So if you see a cheap pair at £20.
They are not NIKE.
More likely to be £90.

What Do These Retail At:-
About £120 And More I Think ?

What Price You Ladies?
You know!
Beware of Mulberry Bags with Little Money.PLEASE.

ABERCROMBE Jackets Are Expensive.
A Fake Is Worthless.FAKES,FAKES.
Dont Buy These At £30.They dont sell at that price.

Now Watches.
The Persons Dressed Smart On The Motorway Sevice Station.
Always From The Boot Of An Expensive Car.
They Work Several Motorway Service Stations.
There Are Several People In The Scan.
These Watches Are Genuine ROLEX Watches!
Bought From Auction,Government Sale!
Are They Right.ROLEX at £300?NO.
But If They Sell 5 Watches Each.
6 Persons Selling As Well.
Thats £9000 now.
Thats Why They Are Well Dressed.
Plus Motor Car.

Another Scan On The Motorways Is:-
The Well Dressed Person Selling From The Boot.
Yes Another Man Giving £300 To The Well Dressed Man.
Thats Just To Entice You To Do The Same.
That Man Is Part Of The Gang.
A ROLEX is Probably £2000+
Do Not Be Gullible.
Yes Then Another Car Appears,The Boot Opens.
Stone Island Jackets and Abercrombe Coats.Only £30.
You Have Been Had Now A Second Time.

Now If On Ebay You See These Items Cheap.
Check The Persons Country.
There Feedback 1.)Is It Low? 2.)Are There Any Negatives?


BTW I Remember Watching A Programme On T.V.
About 10 Years Ago.
A Boeing 707 Had Fake Brake Shoes.
Bought For £20,00 Instead Of £200,000.
So If The Big Boys Can Get Caught Out.

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