Fakes behind the scenes a legit con?!

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Hi there here I am again getting screwed over by shoe sellers.  I saw a picture in fact four of some very nice Air Jordan DMP.  All was good the tags, barcodes, details everything was great.  They even had a 'real' price to show they saw the same value I did.  when I say they I mean victoriaplum22 in the UK.


So silly me I purchased the shoe.  It arrived in a very dubious box and it continued as such.  i got on the email ASAP and the guy sent me endless pictures of a real pair.  he even said he would get a letter from NIKE (eh! what the!  how the!!  don't ask!) to say that Mr & Mrs Nike in the US of A did in fact make the DMP by their own fair hands.  I said rubbish I have a set alreadya nd they were nothing liek what I saw before me.  The lsiting said something along the lines of my boyfriend went to America and bought these shoes but accidently bought 2 pairs (and some magic beans no doubt!)  So why did he buy 2 pairs in UK9 and then 2 pairs in UK11 2 weeks later.  Can we all smell the rat now. 

The point was that they clearly had a REAL pair and wer advertising the others well using those.  A common trick I know but they did not photograph them in a store or warehouse it was the bedroom or kitchen table rubbish pictures that real folk like us take. 

So if you have seen this before please just have pity on me but if not PLEASE BEWARE that what you see is not what you get.  if you ask for proof you get proof they still have a real set at their house and can send sufficient pictures to satisfy ebay or paypal.

Remember DMP cost  more than £250 ($500) in the shops so you are not going to stumble across a pair for £90 ($180) on ebay FACT!! As a buy it now would get more in a heartbeat than a 7 day list starting at £1!!

Conclusion = just cos they can prove they can take a photo of a real pair does not prove they sent that pair to you. 

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