Fallout 3 - Xbox 360

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Title- Fallout 3
Producer-Bethesda softworks


Gameplay - 4/5
Graphics - 5/5
Playabiliy - 3/5
Plot - 4/5

Overall - 4/5

This game is great for oblivion fans, like me. This brings loads, of nitty, gritty violence that we all love with prestine graphics that blow you away.

The game focuses on your charater being raised in a Vault, Which are fallout shelters (hence the name fallout) to protect the american populus from impending nuclear war, the war happens over america and china falling out over oil rigs in the ocean aparantly. As your charater grows into a lovely teenage boy or girl. As you reach 18 your Dad escapes the vault and you go out to find him.

The problems with the game is that there is no real plot depth, your dad goes missing from the vault with no explination. Then your basically thrown out into the world with no real explination how to use or the functionality of the VATS system. Also the morailty system in the game is really one sided, like Fable 2 its sooo much harder to be good than evil. For future game they should put more chances to be good. The fight system is very articulate and very well deigned to match the gamestyle. Although it would have good to have seen more varaition in enimies. The radation poisioning is also a good feature which make its it more realistic and actually feel "OMG, theres been a nuclear war".

Also a thing thats REALLY Annoyed me about the game is that travel times take ages if your walking to a new area, on the other hand theres loads of great wee side quests that show the true nature of the wastelands, the inbreeding, the cannablism, the drugs, the slaves and of course your hummble writer sitting with a Rifle,  ready to blow heads off when all that comes round the corner.

It is not just a pick up and play game you really need to get used to the fighting system and the VATS system so a good solid 2hrs gameplay when first playing it. So its not for the average gamer and requires a taste, that of oblivion, morrowind, Diablo2:LoD, mass effect and Bioshock. The list of games there is also recommendations if you liked this game.

Jonnyswanny The King Of Albion(for all you fans of fable2)

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