False descriptions, goods not as advertised.

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During my several years on ebay I have come across items which on investigation are proven to be falsely described. Many times I have researched items only to find that the actual manufacturers of the components used do not actually make such things, so the description is purposely intended to mislead you into thinking you are buying something which does not really exist. I  have also bought a few of these things personally.

The worrying thing is that I have attempted to report these things to the support staff at ebay and (despite provable evidence being offered) there has been nothing done to remove the offending articles. More importantly, the type of adverts I'm talking about have increased in number many times over.

I know that ebay is a business and as such must make profit, but the ethos behind ebay is being lost and it is becoming more risky to buy or sell while these things are allowed to continue, even when ebay staff are made aware of it. If you become aware of any advert which is misleading or purposely designed to advertise something which you know does not exist, report it to ebay. They are paid to deal with these things and they should do something to protect the honest folk from these unscrupulous con men. Don't allow the few to ruin it for the many.

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