Fancy Dress Ideas - Pirate Party

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Ideas for a Pirate Fancy Dress Party

One of the top themes for a costume party is that of the Pirate party, which has enjoyed a substantial increase in popularity due to the likes of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and the numerous characters contained therein piquing our interest of those times.

Regardless of whether one is planning a lavish costume party for Halloween, or any other celebration the Pirate party offers grown-ups and children the opportunity of dressing up, leading go and having loads of fun. As inhibitions dissipate, encouraged by the decor and layout of your pirate party theme you will come to realise how much fun these parties really are. To encourage full participation of everyone you should include a best dressed prize or award, even if it is a home-made certificate or award. This will really get people in the spirit to contribute to the evenings fun and activities.

In terms of catering for the Pirate party, one really has to consider the lives that these vagabonds lived, with feasts of wine, Rum and beer and endless platters of tasty tidbits. These platters can be made up of a buffet style setup, which also alleviate the need to serve people and have to worry about them having to sit up for the dinner serving. Even though your planning may be well detailed comment terms of RSVPs and so forth, always remember that a little extra of everything is always recommended, as the last thing you need to happen is to run out of drinks or food at the party.

In kitting out the decor for a pirate party, the old skull and cross bones should dominate the decor, as well as flowing materials which could represent the sails of the pirate ships, and a few strategically placed poles or posts can serve as the mast of the pirate ship. You can also use streamers from the roof or ceiling to complete a netted effect, as found on the ships, even better if you could get your hands on a net and hang it from the ceiling this would be ideal.

Remember to plan your event from the very invitation, reminding everyone that it is a themed costume party, as well as the chance to win a best dressed prize or award and whilst most will arrive in their fancy dress costumes, there will be a few that may not get the chance to get their costume in time and therefore a few extra eye patches and bandannas can be kept in the draw for them to use.

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