Fascinators, choosing, buying and wearing

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gorgeous fascinators

What are fascinators ?

fascinators are frivolous headpieces made from a variety of materials such as feathers, sinamay ( a derivative of the banana plant, a bit like straw) silk,flowers etc they are lightweight and easy to wear and make a great alternative to a hat, with the advantage of being able to be worn all day without spoiling you hair should you choose to remove it at your special event.

Choosing a fascinator

Fascinators come in all shapes and sizes. The size you choose will depend on your body frame and personality as some fascinators are very large and not suitable for ladies of small stature or shrinking violets !!!!!!

As a general rule larger ladies should choose a larger fascinator to remain in proportion. The rest is up to you.

Buying a fascinator

No doubt you will have a budget in mind. Mass produced fascinators tend to be less expensive but you run the risk of someone else wearing the same as you at the same event. NOT GOOD if you are the mother of the bride or groom !!!. Handcrafted designer fascinators such as ours  are more costly but you are paying for something unique as no 2 are the same and they can be made to your specific colours and requirements. You cant ask that in a chain store !!

Most fascinators come on combs, headbands or spring clips the choice is important if you have very short or fine hair as combs may not stay in, otherwise its personal preference.

Wearing your fascinator

Fascinators can be worn at any angle to suit you, and either side of the head, however they do look better if worn on the outside side if standing next to someone as for brides etc 

Obviously if you choose a headband you are more restricted.

Combs are usually designed to be worn with the comb positioned longways from the top to bottom of the head that way it will look the same as the picture if buying online. But the choice is yours , experiment in front of a mirror to find the best look for you, there are no hard and fast rules.

Once you have decided on the best look for you your hairdresser can help secure it for you, if not backcomb a small piece of hair at the roots at the site where you want to wear your fascinator add some hairspray, put your fasinator in and enjoy your day.  Avoid spraying any hairspray directly onto your fascinator !!

Hope this guide has helped, if not please contact me I will help you look gorgeous on your special day !!!

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