Fastmemoryman - risky business!

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Just to warn any eBayers that they risk losing their money if they trade with Fastmemoryman (FMM).  His feedback rating is colossal, but around 200 items a month go missing in transit (assuming they are sent in the first place).  FMM will reassure buyers that the item is insured and that once 30 days have passed since the receipt of funds, they will send out forms to start the insurance claim.  Funny then, that buyers following this 'policy' would lose any right to make a claim agianst FMM through PayPal.

If you're naive enough to follow FMM's instructions, like I was, he'll basically ignore you until the moment you leave negative feedback for him.  At that point, he'll send an email acting all hurt (he did this a massive 90 days after I'd paid for my item, and after he'd ignored over a dozen emails from me), then just leave a response to the feedback that makes it look like the buyer is being unreasonable.

Being unable to claim through PayPal for the £95 FMM had stolen from me, I made a claim through eBay itself.  This turned out to be an utter waste of time, I did everything eBay claims asked of me; provided copies of all 14 emails I sent to FMM as well as proof of payment from PayPal and they didn't even bother replying to me.

I fully expect eBay to pull this guide in short order, but hopefully I can protect a few buyers at least.  eBay are unwilling to act against high-volume sellers like Fastmemoryman, who flagrantly abuse the Feedback Forum to cover up their dirty deeds.  Sellers like this provide too  much income for eBay, and they appear to be far more geared towards punishing buyers and protecting sellers in general.

For anyone who doubts me, I can assure you that, upon leaving negative feedback for FMM, I was contacted by nine other buyers, all worried that they were being fobbed off and might not get either their item or their money back.  Have a look through his feedback profile if you want more evidence.  All the way through, you'll see good, reliable buyers who mysteriously started acting unreasonably once they bought an item from Fastmemoryman.

I'll reiterate that his prices are good and when the items do arrive, they are in good condition and as described.  However, 200 unhappy eBayers a month is too many and people have to be warned.  If you want to deal with Fastmemoryman do so, but if your item doesn't show, don't listen to his excuses and file a claim with PayPal before your 30 days are up.  You are well within your rights to do so, whatever he might say, and you will at least get some of your money back.

*update* The fastmemoryman account was cancelled by eBay in July 2008, however this seller is still operating under several aliases, including emartbuy and fastflashstore.  Remember to use a negative feedback search tool like before you buy anything from a high volume seller!

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