Fatwood Firelighters

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What is Fatwood ?

Fatwood is a pine wood approximately 8” in length (approximately ¾” in diameter) which is hand-split from the stump of the pine tree that contains a high concentration of natural resin.

This organic resin is 100% all natural and allows the Fatwood to be started with a single match and gives a substantial flame.

Fatwood is used to start fireplaces, pellet fuel stoves, barbecues, wood/coal stoves, chimeneas and campfires, or indeed any fire starting application.

Fatwood Firelighters aka Maya stick is a 100% natural firelighter, with absolutely nothing added what-so-ever.

There’s no need for kindling to help you start your fire when you use Fatwood, just simply light 2 sticks of Fatwood, place them under your chosen fuel, sit back and enjoy.

Fatwood really is a bonus to fire lighting, it's the ultimate fire starter in any weather, Fatwood is extremely easy to light and even lights when wet...... 

Our Fatwood burns with a hot aromatic pine flame that makes it the perfect firelighter for wood fires, BBQ's, stoves, hearth or campsite or indeed any fire lighting application.
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We care about the environment

Here at Eco Products Worldwide Limited we are committed to our responsibility for the environment. We're proud to say that our Fatwood is 100% natural with no additives or chemicals of any kind and we go to great lengths to make sure we leave our forests in the same - or better - condition than we found them.

Our manufacturing processes utilize the entire tree from root to crown, leaving no waste behind.  Our Fatwood Firestarter is harvested exclusively from non rain forest areas and we do not harvest live trees specifically for this product.

We believe that in practicing sustainable forestry our forests will be viable for generations to come.

We value the trees we harvest and have developed manufacturing processes that use every part of the trees we acquire.

From using the tree sap-enriched fatwood in cut stumps, to the needles and pine cones — no part of the tree goes unused.

Central to our goals are our resource choices.

We use only species that grow naturally and in great numbers in the region. We only replenish the species we harvest. This ensures biodiversity in the ecosystem and that no particular species will be over-harvested.

The trees planted by the collective efforts of participants in the Three Tree Pledge will contribute to biodiversity across the planet.

Tree Pledge

The Three Tree Pledge is both beneficial and dependent on the bond between the National School of Forest Sciences, known as ESNACIFOR (Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Forestales), in Siguatepeque, Honduras and our partner Wood Products International.

ESNACIFOR manages a 5,550 Ha pine forest used by the school to educate its students in sustainable, modern day forestry management and strategies.

By authoring and entering into the pledge, Wood Products International has committed to replacing every tree harvested with three healthy seedlings in the ESNACIFOR managed forest.

We believe nature is our greatest partner and that we have an unfailing responsibility to ensure her well-being as she ensures ours. 

To this end, we are meticulous in our efforts to leave the forest just as we found it and make fullest use of all the products we harvest. Our Fatwood Firestarter is a model example of how we make use of the entire tree we harvest.

It’s hard not to think ‘green’ when you’re looking at the forest all day and we are proud to say our environmental consciousness doesn’t begin with the roots of a Fatwood stump or end with the needles on the crown of a tree.

It is an ingrained part of our daily lives and we support environmental education and action, as well as recycling and sustainable living.
Fatwood The All Natural Firelighter.
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Fatwood The All Natural Firelighter.
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Fatwood The All Natural Firelighter.
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Fatwood The All Natural Firelighter.
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