Faulty broken barred phones.

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I'll keep it simple,.

when buying a faulty phone you really should not get mixed up with the faults, Many people buy a faulty phone thinking its a simple fix (as stated by the seller) but end up selling it on ebay again because they could'nt fix it at a lesser price.

Faults to watch out for :

Keypad/some keys dont work: Your thinking wow ill just buy a new keypad and plug it in,.. But really there is a small IC called the EMI filter if this is damaged you'll have too soilder in a new one. and they are very small.

Phones barred it has ltd service:  This could mean its only barred all it could mean the RF tranmitter IC is damaged due too a fall. Ask the Q:  Is there a engaged tone  when dailing out or any other tone ?

Changed covers and phone dont switch on: If its a phone with a Flex cable like many of the new samsung models the seller could of broken the cilp the flex cable sits in as if the clip is ok as repairing that lil plastic clip is a nightmare.

As for now ill leave it as that

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