Fearing the feedback

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Hi is me or is it them i ask myself after looking at numerous listings and getting all the details you finally click the buy/bid button whether it's a buy now or auction coming to an end.

Next step pay for it  that done you hope that the seller keeps to his word and his  listings details for delivery times lets face i have had more than my share of excuses from sellers did not recognize the address /no one home /even wrong address  but hey i have lived here for a long time pay mortgage / council tax and all there letters seem to find me quickly im even on first name terms with my postie .

Then when your item finally arrives normally late but please dont think i'm rubbisishing all sellers i'm not i have dealt with some great sellers but lets face it the bad ones out weigh the good ones once they have your cash thats it your forgotten about mind you dont pay straight away and there are very quick to push you on.

Then comes the problem do you leave feedback for the poor service? i have left neutral feedback  in the past for slow or non delivery (after waiting for a long time) only to be slapped with a negative  yet it was the sellers fault when you get your item do sellers think we are all daft just look at the post mark on the stamp this tells you it when it was posted (normally the day after you complained)in many cases i would urge every ebay buyer to leave due and required poor feedback for these sellers and the rest of the ebay community would not buy from them.

Yes but i hear you say that might leave me with a negative mark  please rest assured when i buy from ebay (lots) i look at  all feedback scores and can spot an dodgy one at fifty paces so i would buy off you but not of the person who has left feedback plus you can always respond to feedback left.

So come on if it's a bad service give them neutral or a negative feedback and lets try and get them to clean their act up.

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