Featured product: CEL m-drol

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This weeks featured product is CEL m-drol, a powerful weight and lean muscle gaining dietry supplement used to aid the muscle gain process throughout the bulking or indeed muscle building phase of your workout programme. It is widely used, and still remains completely legal to take as part of a balanced diet, just to make it clear for people worried about that nature.

There are 90 caps in the bottle and each serving consists of 2caps. The guidelines on the bottle say to take 1 or 2 caps per day, however a typical cycle over four weeks could look like this:

week 1: 2 caps per day

week 2: 3 caps per day

week3: 3 caps per day

week4 : 2 caps per day

Although the bottle reads you should only take 1 or 2 caps a day, please be aware that it is your own judgement as to how many you take, depending on state of health, experiance in the gym and taking these types of products and amongst others how good your diet is. Please contruct your own cycle and we do not reccomend this example cycle in any way, however if you have further questions, or need further advice it can be obtained by contact on here or via email under the contact info section of our page (couldn't post the link)







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